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Testimonial 1

When people are desperately in need of help, they expect their doctors to jump right in and make everything right. This is what I have been asking of you for many years now, and you with your vast knowledge, expert skills and true passion, have responded quickly and have managed to pull me through some really precarious situations.

Thanks to you Emanuel, my wife and I together have been able to enjoy watching our grandchildrengrow to adulthood!

How does one really thank a person for such a precious gift!

Testimonial 2

We needed a Doctor to take care of more than one health problem for my husband. After we met Dr. Shaoulin, we knew we were at the Right Place! Plus, what a pleasure to have found a doctor that gives you time to answer all questions with such an understanding and honest caring. And who is thorough with examination and past history, qualified and confident in his field of medicine. Best of all, Dr. Shaoulian is smart to hire the Best Staff.

-Wayne and Yvonne Rumbles

Testimonial 3

My husband and I have been patients of Dr Emanuel Shaoulian for years and I'm still awed at his medical perception and diagnostics insights. I can always depend on him to quickly size up a problem and find the least invasive treatment whenever possible. He is also readily available for emergencies no matter the time of the day. His staff is well trained and very personable. Going to his office for an appointment is like visiting old friends. They are very welcoming and extremely helpful and efficient. I highly recommend Dr Shaoulian as the most talented physician I've ever known.

-Bonnie Cox